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April 15, 2017 — Kirk McElhearn and Bryan Chaffin

We feature outspoken commentator and podcaster Kirk McElhearn, also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy.” Once again, Kirk expresses his ongoing concerns about Apple’s lateness in admitting that the 2013 Mac Pro was a flawed design, and that they are working on something new, which will not be released this year. Kirk also explains why he’s dissatisfied with current Mac designs, and is planning on building a customized macOS computer, a “Hackintosh,” with off-the-shelf PC parts.

You’ll also hear from tech journalist Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer. This week Bryan is in “cranky” mode and will explain why he’s upset with Apple’s lateness in announcing plans to update Macs. He’ll discuss the form the promised “modular” Mac Pro might take, and about possible pro options for the iMac. In talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, Gene outlines the known flaws in the design of its fingerprint sensor, facial recognition and iris recognition features, and the decision not to launch the “Bixby” digital assistant — designed by some of the people who brought you Siri — when the S8 goes on sale. Samsung’s well-known problems will also be outlined. There will also be a brief discussion as to whether Apple should buy Disney, a move recommended by a global investment banker.

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