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April 22, 2017 — Joe Kissell and Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

We feature prolific author Joe Kissell, who will discuss the third edition of “Take Control of Your Online Privacy.” You’ll hear hints and tips on ongoing threats, including the fallout from the decision by the U.S. Congress, signed by the President, to allow ISPs to sell your online history to third-party providers. Are there ways to protect yourself against this and other invasions of your privacy? Joe will also discuss another of his books, “Are Your Bits Flipped? Overcoming Tech Misconceptions.” He’ll talk about a few common day-to-day mistakes some people make.

You’ll also hear a wide-ranging interview with prolific author Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, who will discuss Apple’s commitment to take heed of the needs of professional Mac users and build a new Mac Pro, offer an iMac with professional options, and perhaps a souped up Mac mini. In discussing the potential of self-driving vehicles, Bob mentions the safe driving features now available in many new cars, such as his Subaru Legacy. Bob will also talk about the steps he took to overcome his ADHD condition, and how he developed the advice he offers in his first self-published book, “Working Smarter for Mac Users,” which will also soon be available in a Windows version. Gene and Bob will also briefly discuss old-time radio.

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