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August 25, 2018 — Kirk McElhearn and John Martellaro

This week we feature outspoken columnist and podcaster Kirk McElhearn, who talks about reports that Google is still tracking people even after they have switched off that feature. So what is this all about anyway? Kirk will also explain why he seldom uses his Apple TV anymore, as Gene reminds listeners that he hasn’t touched his in nearly a year. Is Apple’s decision to allow pay-TV services to offer them as premiums for new customers help boost sales? Kirk will also explain why he recently canceled his Netflix account, but keeps Amazon Prime. There will also be a brief discussion about the potential of the next iPhone lineup from Apple, as Kirk answers the question of whether he’s going to buy one. Gene recounts his problems with an iPhone 5c that recently became unable to sustain a reliable connection in an area with a signal the carrier claims is average.

In a very special encore segment, you’ll also hear from John Martellaro, Senior Editor, Analysis & Reviews for The Mac Observer. The bill of fare this week includes Apple CEO Tim Cook’s denial that Apple plans to merge iOS and macOS into some sort of converged product. What about Amazon’s Fire TV Edition sets, and will they do what Apple TV can’t? Should Apple be licensing its set-top box technology to TV makers? John also discusses the reported struggles of the HomePod, and how the next Mac Pro, due in 2019, will be “fundamentally different” from previous models because Apple plans to focus heavily on making professional workflows run more efficiently. And what about Apple’s recent educational event, where a new $329 iPad was introduced? Could it be that Apple is attempting to regain traction in the educational market with an obsolete formula? Can they possibly turn things around, or are Chromebooks going to continue to stay ahead?

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