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August 5, 2017 — Adam Engst and Derek Kessler

We present long-time tech journalist and editor Adam Engst, of TidBITS. The discussion begins with the recent decision by Apple to discontinue two of the three iPods still being sold, and moves on to Adobe’s announcement that its Flash multimedia platform will be discontinued as of 2020. Gene and Adam will also talk about Adobe’s failed efforts to create a version of Flash that can run on mobile platforms, such as Android and iOS. With the news that Apple sold one million iPads to the educational market in the June quarter, the discussion moves to the ongoing potential to boost market share against such competitors as Chromebook notebooks, which use the Google Chrome OS. Gene speculates on a mythical iPad Hybrid, which he suggests could combine an iPad with a notebook-style case that includes a keyboard and trackpad. Possible, or just a silly idea?

In a special encore appearance, you’ll also hear from tech journalist Derek Kessler, editor of, as well as managing editor of Mobile Nations. Derek will tell you all about Elon Musk’s Tesla, a line of electric cars that are having a major impact on the auto industry. Derek owns a Tesla Model S, and he’ll tell you about the advantages, and disadvantages of driving an all-electric vehicle. What about the impact of cold weather on the batteries, which can sharply reduce battery life? What about “range anxiety” and finding nearby charging stations before your car runs out of juice? You’ll also hear about the forthcoming Model 3 mid-sized car, Tesla’s first “affordable” vehicle, which will carry a starting price of $35,000. Can Tesla meet its very optimistic production targets to build enough vehicles to fill hundreds of thousands of advance orders?

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