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August 8, 2015 — Kirk McElhearn and Jim Tanous

Amid growing reports of problems with Apple Music, we present columnist Kirk McElhearn, Macworld’s “iTunes Guy,” who focuses his discussion on possible solutions to some of those Apple Music problems. He also covers the ongoing problems with iCloud, Apple’s online network, where there are occasional outages and bouts of flaky performance. Major Apple Music problems appear related to iCloud integration.

You’ll also hear from blogger Jim Tanous, Editor-in-Chief of TekRevue. He’ll talk about the Apple Music rollout and the recent report that some 11 million iTunes customers have signed up as of the first week of August. Jim will explain why he’s unimpressed with these numbers, suggesting they should have been much larger when you consider that 800 million people have iTunes accounts. He’ll also cover the ins and outs of Windows 10. He’ll focus on the various changes in the Windows Start menu through the years starting with Windows 95, and on the controversial changes in Windows 8. He’ll also discuss the new Edge browser that debuted in Windows 10.

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