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December 12, 2015 — Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus and Bryan Chaffin

On this week’s all-star episode, we present author and columnist Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus. On the agenda is Gene and Bob’s choices for broadcast mics, some of the key events in the Apple universe in 2015 and a few predictions for 2016. Bob will also present his opinions about the iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard, and his ongoing impressions of the Apple Watch. Has the quality of Apple software nosedived? Bob will talk about that too.

You’ll also hear from commentator Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer. His bill of fare includes reports that Apple has suspended its efforts to set up a TV subscription service. You’ll also hear Bryan’s views on why large cable bundles, despite increasing cost, may be good for you. His logic is that, with more channels being offered, TV broadcasters have created a rich selection of great programing. With several dealers discounting the Apple Watch, Gene and Bryan speculate on why, whether it indicates lower-than-expected sales, or an effort to work with dealers to boost volume. Bryan will explain why he likes, but doesn’t love, his Apple Watch and why he’d only buy an iPad Pro to provide more thorough coverage of the product.

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