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December 16, 2017 — Rob Pegoraro and Jeff Gamet

On this week’s all-star episode, we present tech commentator Rob Pegoraro, who writes for USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Consumer Reports, Wirecutter and other publications. During this episode, Rob will put the FCC’s decision to abandon net neutrality into perspective. Will ISPs begin to prioritize net traffic, or will the possibility of negative publicity and potential lawsuits postpone — or prevent — any changes for the near future? Rob will also discuss the end of AIM, and how this pioneer instant messaging app influenced an entire industry? And do we really need lots of messaging apps to stay in touch with our contacts? Gene laughingly refers to Rob as a turncoat as the guest explains why he, a longtime Mac user, recently purchased a PC notebook to replace his aging MacBook Air.

You’ll also hear from tech journalist Jeff Gamet, Managing Editor for The Mac Observer. As the segment begins, Jeff complains that his copy of Skype 7 for the Mac was upgraded to Skype 8 without his approval, and he doesn’t like the all-new interface. In an extended discussion of net neutrality, Gene points out that more and more cable companies are embedding Netflix into their set-top boxes, perhaps as a move to help reduce cord cutting. As the pair move into pop culture mode, Gene mentions the latest reported move by Apple to add original TV content, with a direct-to-series order for a new sci-fi series from producer Ronald D. Moore, whose previous shows include Battlestar Galactica. Jeff explains in great detail why the fabled Star Wars lightsaber would be impossible to use in a real world setting. Gene suggests that the DC Comics super heroes on TV are better than their movie counterparts. And what about having different actors portray such characters as the Flash and Superman?

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