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December 24, 2016 — Kirk McElhearn and Dr. Timothy Summers

Outspoken columnist and podcaster Kirk McElhearn, also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy,” returns to talk about a variety of tech issues. A discussion about the future of diesel cars in the wake of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal turns to autonomous driving, as Gene wonders when he’ll be too old to drive for himself. From there the discussion veers to the use of robots in fast food restaurants and supermarkets before it settles on Apple’s late-shipping AirPods. These wireless in-ear headphones have become as controversial as Apple’s MacBook Pro. Kirk provides a first take, describing the setup process and his impressions of their sound quality.

You’ll also hear from ethical hacker Dr. Timothy Summers, President of Summers & Company, a cyber strategy and organizational design consulting firm, on a wide range of subjects. He’ll start with extensive background information on the presumed Russian hack of the DNC and Democratic politicians. How was it determined that the Russians were responsible, and not the Chinese or the alleged “400 pound man in his basement”? You’ll also hear about yet another reported hack on Yahoo, involving an estimated one billion accounts. And there’s a real shocker: Is it possible for a hacker to easily “clone” your car’s key fob, to take control of the vehicle or steal it? Dr. Summers explains how it can be done on many makes and models with a device that costs a mere $30, and the best ways to protect yourself.

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