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December 28, 2013 — Dann Berg and Daniel Eran Dilger

We feature tech columnist and commentator Dann Berg, who will give us an overview of developments in the tech field in 2013 and do some speculation on what might happen in 2014. He cover such topics as the possibility that American wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile might merge, the prospects for the new TV format, Ultra HD, also known as 4K, whether Apple might introduce a connected TV set, and the possibilities for a wearable device such as an iWatch.

You’ll also hear from cutting-edge commentator Daniel Eran Dilger, of Roughly Drafted Magazine and AppleInsider, who explores the fact that the brand new 2013 Mac Pro is a lot cheaper than even do-it-yourself Windows PC workstations. He’ll also focus on the possibilities for Ultra HD, and the fact that, this year, the iOS had five times as many users doing online Christmas shopping as Android in the U.S., according to an IBM survey.

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