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February 1, 2014 — Charles Tendell and John Martellaro

We introduce Charles Tendell, a Certified Ethical Hacker and co-host of the Computer America radio show. Charles will give you insights on the huge security break-in at Target, Neiman Marcus and other retailers, where the raw details of tens of millions of credit and debit cards were stolen by online criminals. He’ll also talk about Bitcoin, the online digital currency, and security issues impacting Mac and Windows PCs.

We are also joined by John Martellaro, Senior Editor, Analysis & Reviews for The Mac Observer and a columnist for The Street, who will focus his conversation on Google’s decision to sell its Motorola Mobility handset division, at fire sale prices, to Lenono, the large Asian PC maker. You’ll also hear him explain why Wall Street doesn’t understand Tim Cook, the future of the Mac, and an illuminating encounter with a disappointed Microsoft Surface RT customer.

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