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February 11, 2017 — Peter Cohen and Derek Kessler

We feature outspoken commentator Peter Cohen. During this segment, Peter will go into detail on the value of the Apple Watch, primarily for fitness, and its other potential benefits. What about the iPad? Is there a way for Apple to persuade more people to buy them? Gene explains why the iPad doesn’t suit his workflow. There’s also a long discussion about Apple’s use of an ARM processor and watchOS-style OS to power the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, and the possibilities that Apple might be gradually moving the Mac away from Intel to ARM.

You’ll also hear from columnist Derek Kessler, managing editor of Mobile Nations, a web portal that runs several popular tech sites.. In advance of the 2017 Mobile World Congress on Barcelona, Spain, Derek will look over some of the possible product announcements there. What about smartwatches? Does Apple have a clear field with the Apple Watch in light of the soft sales reported by Fitbit and the Samsung Galaxy Gear? How about the smartphone market? Are there compelling features manufacturers can add to entice customers to continue to upgrade every two years or so? Why did Samsung decide not to introduce new Galaxy smartphones at the Congress this year? What about the future of tablets? Are there killer features to boost sales of the iPad and other gear? Derek will also explain why he thinks Apple is destined to move the Mac to ARM, and how that decision will really mess up Intel.

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