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February 14, 2014 — Josh Centers and Avram Pitch

We present tech editor Josh Centers, Managing Editor for TidBITS, and author of “Take Control of Apple TV” and other titles. He’ll give you his unique slant on the net neutrality debate. Hint: It’s about those nasty bandwidth caps. You’ll also hear his views about the potential for an Apple stylus known as Apple Pen, and how deeply Apple might want to get involved with autos. But probably not the iCar or Apple Car.

From outspoken commentator Avram Piltch, the Online Editorial Director for Laptop magazine, you’ll hear his take on Adobe Flash security problems, the recent data breach at a health insurance company, Anthem, and how to protect yourself if your identity is stolen. Avram will also discuss the Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview, the long tablet replacement cycles, and Apple Watch.

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