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February 4, 2012 — Jim Dalrymple, Rich Sloan, Peter Cohen, and Daniel Eran Dilger

Jim Dalrymple, of The Loop, outlines Apple’s recent update for Final Cut Pro X, and whether the problems reported by video editors have been properly addressed. He’ll also cover the management shakeup at Research In Motion.

Rich Sloan, founder of StartUp Nation, offers tips for new businesses, and describes a partnership with Brother in which five people will receive $5,000 grants to help fund their new ventures.

Peter Cohen, of the “Angry Mac Bastards” radio show and Executive Editor for The Loop, discusses the ongoing controversy over the working conditions at Foxconn and other companies contracted by Apple and other tech companies to build their products.

You’ll also hear about the ongoing prospects for Windows Phone and the Android OS from Daniel Eran Dilger, of Roughly Drafted Magazine and AppleInsider.

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