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February 9, 2013 — Lloyd L. Chambers, Jim Dalrymple, and Avram Piltch

Veteran Mac developer Lloyd L. Chambers, who worked on such apps as DiskDoubler in the 1990s, explains why he finds “core rot” in OS X. He’ll explain the problems he’s encountered with iTunes, the Finder and general system reliability.

You’ll also hear from outspoken commentator Jim Dalrymple, Editor in Chief of The Loop, who will cover the state of Apple, and how Wall Street said Apple was in deep trouble despite the fact that the company had a record quarter for sales and profits.

From Avram Piltch, the Online Editorial Director of Laptop magazine, you’ll discover the 13 tech terms that are outdated, and prepare to disagree with what he says. Avram will also discuss his mixed review of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

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