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February 9, 2019 — Bryan Chaffin and Brett Johnson

This week we present tech writer/editor Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer. Recent Apple news is front and center, as Gene and Bryan talk about the insidious bug in Group FaceTime, since fixed, which allowed you to listen to someone at the other end of the connection before the call was made. You’ll also hear about Apple’s revenue shortfall, and whether high prices might have, in part, caused the sales shortfall. There’s also a discussion about Apple’s decision to license AirPlay 2 to major TV makers, such as LG, Sony and VIZIO. Will this be the savior for Apple TV technology? Bryan also offers an update on his theory about the forthcoming Mac Pro, which Apple has promised for this year. Will it result in a key change that is comparable in its impact to the one Apple announced in 2005?

In a very special encore segment, we also present the fascinating life story of a former “most wanted” cybercriminal. Brett Johnson discusses his long and varied history as a career criminal, which took him from petty crime to online scams that included identity theft, tax fraud, social engineering attacks, hacking and more. He built and was leader of ShadowCrew, the precursor to today’s darknet markets. As a reformed criminal, Brett consults with large corporations and helps them harden their systems to prevent intrusions from cybercriminals. A nationally-known lecturer and podcaster, he’ll also deliver common sense advice on how you can product yourself from the dangers of the online world where privacy is usually just a talking point and not much else.

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