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January 16, 2016 — John Martellaro and Rob Pegoraro

We present commentator John Martellaro, Senior Editor, Analysis & Reviews for The Mac Observer, who talks about the future of the Mac Pro, how Apple, denied leadership in 4K TV, is hoping to gain traction with an electric car. You’ll also hear a brief debate about whether Apple will really attempt to acquire Time Warner and how that move might restart moribund plans to establish a subscription TV service. John will also talk about how children can learn how to program on an iPad. He’ll also tell you why he loves his Mac Pro.

We also present a CES wrap with columnist Rob Pegoraro, of USA Today and Yahoo Tech. The main focus will be on 4K TV. Are customers finally ready to flock to the new high resolution TV format? Rob will talk about the latest enhancements that include Ultra HD Premium, which will deliver better color and a wider contrast that will really make the picture pop. And what about the possibility of affordable OLED TVs, and plans to release a new HD tuner system to allow 4K shows to be broadcast by TV stations? Why will the new TV tuners eventually mean the end of existing HD broadcasting? You’ll also hear Rob’s opinions about the prospects for an Apple car.

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