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July 16, 2016 — Kirk McElhearn and Rob Pegoraro

We feature columnist, podcaster and show regular Kirk McElhearn, also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy.” Before getting to the meat of the discussion, Gene and Kirk discuss their choices for Internet service. Essentially, Kirk has one hookup to his UK home, though he can use different providers, but it offers slow uploads. Gene explains why, as a cost-cutting move, he switched providers and what level of performance he receives. The discussion moves to Kirk’s snap decision to buy an entry-level Lenovo Chromebook during Amazon Prime day for 99 pounds UK, and his surprising reaction upon being exposed to Google’s web-based PC platform.

You’ll also hear from columnist Rob Pegoraro, who writes for USA Today, Yahoo Tech and Wirecutter. With reports of slowing Mac sales, Rob presents his concerns over the lack of significant Mac hardware upgrades in 2016, except for a refreshed MacBook. The discussion moves to political incorrectness. Rob discusses an open letter from some technology executives that opposed Donald Trump. He also summarizes Hillary Clinton’s tech policy paper (Trump didn’t have one when this show was prepared), and what we can learn from her email situation when you move past the politics. Rob goes on to explain some best practices to make your email as secure as possible without jumping through hoops.

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