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July 27, 2013 — Peter Cohen, Kirk McElhearn, and Russell Chozick

We present outspoken commentator Peter Cohen, from The Loop, and iMore, who talks about the media’s inability to understand Apple. He also provides some important observations about Apple’s 3rd quarter financials.

Macworld’s “iTunes Guy,” Kirk McElhearn, discusses his latest book “Take Control of Launchbar,” which covers the ins and outs of a popular OS X utility designed to make you more productive. He’ll also discuss Microsoft’s ongoing problems in light of having to take a $900 million write-down because of loads of unsold Surface tablets.

You’ll learn about the causes of data loss on iPhones, iPads, Android gear, and Macs and PCs, from a data recovery and cellphone/laptop forensics expert, Russell Chozick of Flashback Data. He also give you advice on what to do if the worse should happen.

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