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June 22, 2013 — Daniel Eran Dilger, Mark Weinstein, and Dann Berg

On this week’s all-star episode, cutting-edge commentator Daniel Eran Dilger, from Roughly Drafted Magazine and AppleInsider, continues his discussions about the iOS, Android, Windows Phone platform wars with an emphasis on the unexpected defects discovered in Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and why customers aren’t interested in paying for Android software. He’ll also cover some of Apple’s WWDC announcements, such as the forthcoming cylindrical Mac Pro.

On the security front, you’ll hear from online privacy advocate Mark Weinstein, founder of, who will deliver the frightening news about what social networks, and the government, may know about your online activities and how to protect your privacy.

Tech journalist Dann Berg will discuss his recent article for Laptop magazine describing “Eight Tools for Online Privacy.” He’ll also give you his reactions to key WWDC announcements from Apple, such as the Mac Pro, iOS 7, and OS X Mavericks. Hint: He’s not crazy about the new naming scheme for OS X.

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