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March 23, 2019 — Andrew Orr and Cat Murdock

This week we present a very special encore episode featuring tech reporter Andrew Orr from the The Mac Observer. During this segment, Andrew talks about a recent report, from Axios, that quotes unnamed people from Intel who claim that Apple is prepared to switch to its own A-series CPUs in Macs come 2020. Gene mentions recent predictions from Mac Observer Editor-in-Chief Bryan Chaffin that the next Mac Pro, expected this year, will actually be the first Mac to include one of those chips. You’ll also hear talk about Facebook security, Apple’s possible plans for introducing TV shows, and a certain outrageous claim about the forthcoming 6G, when 5G is just in the early stages of being rolled out.

We also focus on online security, as we present Cat Murdock, a hacker who hunts child predators for the Innocent Lives Foundation. This interview comes in the wake of recent stories about the discover of alleged pedophilia rings on YouTube. Cat will expand on the nature of the problem, and the things parents should look out for in protecting their children. The Innocent Lives Foundation is a nonprofit founded by Chris Hadnagy that recruits hackers and IT experts to use their skills for good by hunting down online predators. The organization’s board includes A.J. Cook, a member of the ensemble cast of CBS’s “Criminal Minds,” and the former head of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program.

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