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March 29, 2014 — Rick Broida, Daniel Eran Dilger and Rob Pegoraro

CNET’s very own Cheapskate blogger, Rick Broida, explains why he ditched Office 2013 for Windows, and why he was forced to find an unofficial method online to remove the suite from his PC.

You’ll also hear from cutting-edge commentator Daniel Eran Dilger, of Roughly Drafted Magazine and AppleInsider, explains in exquisite detail why the media meme that the iPhone 5c is a huge failure is wrong. He’ll also address what he perceives as the ongoing media bias against Apple.

We’ll also present tech journalist Rob Pegoraro, a columnist for USA Today and Yahoo!, who will discuss Microsoft’s not-surprising decision to release Office for the iPad, the ongoing issues of net neutrality, and why he doesn’t believe Sprint and T-Mobile will ever merge.

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