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May 2, 2015 — Kyle Wiens, Andrew Goldberg, Adam Engst and Bryan Chaffin

We again offer extensive coverage about the Apple Watch, this time focusing on its usability and potential for success. We also present information on the famous iFixit teardown, featuring Kyle Wiens and Andrew Goldberg, and how the company sent its reps to Australia to get some of the first shipping units to test how easy it is to replace the battery and do other repairs.

Author and publisher Adam Engst, of TidBITS and Take Control Books, is a runner and one of the key uses for his Apple Watch is fitness tracking. Just how well does Apple’s smartwatch fill that purpose?

You’ll also hear from Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer, who will focus his discussions on Apple Watch prospects, and some takeaways from Apple’s record March quarter financials. Can something be done to boost flagging iPad sales? Will more customers come once they get around to replacing the ones they have?

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