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November 14, 2015 — Dr. Timothy C. Summers and Bryan Chaffin

We present a special appearance by Dr. Timothy C. Summers, President of Summers & Company, a cyber strategy and organizational design consulting firm. This week, Dr. Summers talks about how to protect yourself from hackers and identity theft during the holidays. He focuses on credit card safety, how to avoid phishing emails, whether to sign up with a financial security service, why you should say “credit” instead of “debit” when using your bank debit card, the value of a “designated mailbox” and why it might be a good idea to use prepaid credit cards.

We also present Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer. The discussion focuses on the iPad Pro, and whether that or other iPads are suitable as possible PC replacements. We’ll also talk about Apple product proliferation, and the possibilities for an Apple Car. Bryan explains that he’s convinced that Apple is working on such a product, and we speculate about how the Apple Car might help overhaul the industry. Bryan also gives you an update on his Apple Watch. Has it become an indispensable gadget, or can he just return to his mechanical watch?

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