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October 1, 2016 — Bryan Chaffin and Joe Kissell

Featured on this episode is commentator Bryan Chaffin, co-founder and co-publisher of The Mac Observer. The discussion begins with his experiences as owner of an Apple Watch Series 2. Is it something one comes to love, or simply like a little more than the original Apple Watch? The discussion also focuses on the iPhone 7, and Samsung’s battery defects on the Galaxy Note 7. And what is Google doing that has allowed Chromebooks to soar in popularity at U.S. schools? Is it all about price? If so, how can Apple possibly compete? The discussion also briefly covers the latest scuttlebutt about the Apple Car.

You’ll also hear from one of our most popular guests over the years, Joe Kissell, author of over 60 books on technology, including ‘Take Control of Upgrading to Sierra.” You’ll learn about the best features of the new macOS. The discussion will also cover Time Machine backups, and its limitations, and Apple’s new APFS file system, first introduced in development form in Sierra, which is expected to be ready for public consumption by the time the next macOS arrives in 2017. You’ll also hear hints and tips from Joe from one of his books, “Speeding Up Your Mac,” and the best ways to get maximum performance from your vintage computer. Joe will also present common sense advice from another book, “Troubleshooting Your Mac.”

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