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September 1, 2018 — Josh Centers and Rene Ritchie

This week we feature commentator Josh Centers, Managing Editor for TidBITS, and author of “Take Control of Apple TV” and other titles, who focuses on the new product and service announcements expected at Apple’s media event set for September 12, 2018 at their new Cupertino, CA campus. In addition to the rumored iPhone introductions, will there be a Series 4 Apple Watch, perhaps with a slightly larger display in a slightly slimmer case? What about new iPads, or will they join new Macs later this year. And why doesn’t Josh think that his Apple Watch is that good a product? You’ll also hear a discussion about the prospects for Apple TV’s success, and about the 55-inch TCL TV, with Roku, which he bought when his 2015 Sony TV suddenly failed. You’ll also hear a discussion of iOS 12, which is also the subject of a book from Josh, entitled “Take Control of iOS 12.”

In a very special encore segment, you’ll hear from commentator Rene Ritchie from iMore.  During this episode, Rene will talk about the recent Google I/O event, focusing mainly on a controversial AI demo. What about the fact that Google seems more focused on flashy demos than user privacy? What about published reports that the AI demo may have been faked? He’ll also talk about Apple’s ongoing problems with Siri, which hasn’t advanced all that much since its introduction in 2011. What does Apple have to do to make it comparable to digital assistants from Amazon and Google? Did the introduction of the HomePod reveal Siri’s limitations in a way that convinces Apple to fix what’s broken? You’ll also hear Rene’s reaction to all those fake news stories that the iPhone X was a huge failure, even while it became the best selling smartphone on the planet for two straight quarters. He’ll offer a possible reason why investors have continued to spread false rumors about iPhone sales over the years.

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