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September 9, 2017 — Joe Kissell and Larry O’Connor

We present author/publisher Joe Kissell, of Take Control Books. This segment focuses heavily on all the new books Joe and his authors have written about macOS High Sierra and iOS 11. You’ll learn about the new Apple File System (APFS) and why the drives on some Macs aren’t being converted by the High Sierra installer. Joe will also talk about some of the other features of macOS 10.13, which include an enhanced version of Photos with a decent selection of photo editing tools. iOS 11’s key improvements will also be covered, and you’ll learn about one of Joe’s favorite features in Safari, which stops those awful autoplay videos that appear on many sites. There’s also a brief discussion about the recent hack at one of the American credit bureaus, Equifax, which impacted over 143 million people.

You’ll also hear from longtime Mac peripheral maker Larry O’Connor, of Other World Computing. Larry will give you the down and dirty details about upgrading Macs with new drives and RAM, and the fact that many recent Macs cannot be upgraded. He’ll also explain why he believes that Apple will eventually support more drives with APFS, especially Fusion drives, and about an app his company is developing that improves the efficiency of such drives, which combine a traditional hard drive with an SSD. A Fusion drive delivers most of the performance of a true SSD at a fraction of the cost. The discussion will also include the price of Apple upgrades, when available, and some of the products Larry’s company is working on, such as a 4TB SSD, and  peripherals to enhance new Macs equipped with USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. And what about the possibilities of the forthcoming iMac Pro, and the promised Mac Pro refresh?

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