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    Newsletter Issue #1050 — The Apple Vision Pro — I Don’t See It

    February 21st, 2024

    All right, I couldn’t resist the pun. But let me put my cards on the table. You see, I have owned a number of Apple gadgets over the years, beginning with a Mac and a LaserWriter. As things go, printers are commodities, so it didn’t make sense for Apple to make them without adding something […]

    Newsletter Issue #961: What If a Third Party Ink Cartridge Damages Your Printer?

    April 30th, 2018

    It’s well-known that printer makers earn most of their profits from the consumables, not the purchase of the original product. Indeed, during a normal lifecycle, you’ll pay the hardware’s price over and over again to keep it going. But there have been efforts to reduce the cost of consumables, such as Epson’s Eco-Tank printers, although […]

    Newsletter Issue #878: Computer Speakers, Laser Printers and Circuit Breakers

    September 26th, 2016

    My efforts to solve a problem with the electrical wiring in my home, where outputting a document on my laser printer would sometimes trigger the circuit breaker for that room, has taken on some curious twists and turns. When it first happened, the landlord agreed to have an electrician install a more robust circuit breaker, […]

    Waiting for the macOS Sierra Download

    September 21st, 2016

    So, as promised, the newly minted macOS, Sierra, launched on Tuesday. With heavy loads on Apple’s servers, you may have had to wait a while for it to arrive. The downside of the free Internet service I’m getting in this place is that it’s not super-fast. So it took a grand total of six hours for […]