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2024 FLASH! Dear Listeners: Gene Steinberg’s Tech Night Owl LIVE returned as a weekly podcast on May 18 with better audio and fewer ads.  And we continue to post our famous, fearless cutting-edge commentaries on the world of consumer electronics, with the emphasis on Apple Inc., and pop culture, in The Tech Night Owl BLOG.

Gene Steinberg first began to explore the world of technology in the 1980s. He has written 30 books and numerous  articles on these subjects. And each week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE, Gene, an award-winning tech journalist, speaks directly about the industry’s movers and shakers, including corporate leaders and industry analysts, featuring the most respected journalists who cover personal technology. The Tech Night Owl LIVE also focuses on pop culture with a sci-fi and tech slant.

Latest Weekly Episode — July 13: Gene presents a return visit from AI wizard Ed Watal. On the agenda is the troubling topic of whether AI will someday surpass human intelligence. He talks about the uncertain timeline of when this might happen, whether it’s imminent or will occur some time in the foreseeable future. In reviewing AI’s potentials, what about its limitations, such as the lack of human-like intelligence and adaptability? There are also ethical considerations, about bias and transparency and control. How will scientists safeguard AI against misuse? Another compelling question is the human/AI collaboration, the methods in which both can work together productively. Watal is the founder and principal of Intellibus, an INC 5000 Top 100 Software firm based in Reston, Virginia. He regularly serves as a board advisor to the world’s largest financial institutions. C-level executives rely on him for IT strategy & architecture due to his business acumen & deep IT knowledge. One of Ed’s key projects includes BigParser (an Ethical AI Platform and an A Data Commons for the World).

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The Tech Night Owl LIVE — Tech Radio with a Pop Culture Twist!

Now featuring better audio and fewer ads! Meet the Night Owl himself, the incomparable Gene Steinberg, award-winning best-selling technology author and columnist. Get to know Gene, and discover his unique, thought-provoking viewpoints about the technology universe, from the always-fascinating happenings at Apple Inc. to consumer electronics, innovative products and overall trends in the tech industry. There’s an additional focus on pop culture with a sci-and tech slant.  Each week, Gene speaks directly about the tech industry’s movers and shakers, including corporate leaders and industry analysts, featuring the most respected journalists who cover personal technology.

July 6, 2024 — Tech Commentator Kirk McElhearn Explores Apple Intelligence

Tech commentator Kirk McElhearn joins Gene to explain the ins and outs of Apple’s Intelligence, its answer to the AI revolution. More or less. He also covers such subjects as the failures of Siri plus the Apple Watch’s health features and their value. And what about the 5G revolution? Was it all mostly a hype to bring profits to mobile phone companies? There is also a brief discussion about the value of editing documents printed on paper rather than on your computer’s display. In is regular life, Kirk is a lapsed New Yorker living in Shakespeare’s home town, Stratford-upon-Avon, in the United Kingdom. He writes about things, records podcasts, makes photos, practices zen, and cohabits with cats. He’s an amateur photographer, and shoots with Leica cameras and iPhones. His writings include regular contributions to, and TidBITS, and he has written for Popular Photography, MusicWeb International, as well as several other web sites and magazines. Kirk has also written more than two dozen books, including Take Control books about macOS Media Apps (post iTunes), Scrivener, LaunchBar, and Audio Hijack. He has written documentation for dozens of popular Mac apps, as well as press releases, web content, reports, white papers, and more.

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