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    Newsletter Issue #1039 — Microsoft Outlook for Mac: Why I Still Can’t Get Into It

    December 17th, 2022

    As is usual for me, this is a long story, and it’ll take a little while for me to get to the point. So, n the days of the Classic Mac OS, which seems a century ago (and more or less it was), I used Claris Emailer as my email client of choice. It was […]

    macOS and Lucky 13

    March 8th, 2017

    Are version numbers for software supposed to be lucky, or just reflections of the number of different releases of a product? When Apple released Mac OS X in 2001 — it later became OS X for no discernible reason — I wondered whether there would ever be a Mac OS XI. Not even close, but to […]

    A Curious Slant on the Mac-on-ARM Theory

    March 2nd, 2017

    Walt Mossberg is a long-time tech journalist who used to hang his hat at the Wall Street Journal. His achievements include co-hosting those All Things D events some years back that featured such luminaries as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These days he’s Executive Editor of The Verge and Editor at Large for Recode. When he reviews a […]

    Apple and Update Frequency

    December 29th, 2016

    Of late, Apple has been dinged for not being devoted to delivering frequent updates to Mac hardware. That’s now. But once upon a time, the critics claimed that Apple rushed to make older gear obsolete so you’d buy something new more often. It sure seemed that way because almost every OS release seemed slower than the previous release, […]