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    Newsletter Issue #1051 — So Has Apple Lost It?

    February 26th, 2024

    When I first started to use Macs in the late 1980s, I was the oddball. Most users of personal computers worked on traditional, text-based PCs, such as the ones from IBM. When I visited a computer store — yes there were many of those — to buy apps for my Mac, the clerks often gave […]

    When I Bought a New Mac Every Other Year

    October 20th, 2016

    In 1989, I bought a brand new Mac IIcx. It was a speedy beast for its time, featuring a 16MHz Motorola 68030 processor. The dealer installed 8MB of RAM and a 100MB hard drive. I added the original Apple 14-inch color display, which became a 13-inch after the measurement system was fixed. At the time, […]