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    A New Way To Deliver an Apple TV? Give Them Away!

    August 22nd, 2018

    It’s no secret that the Apple TV isn’t doing terribly well compared to similar gear from Amazon, Google and market leader Roku. While Apple was the pioneer in this space, it took far too long to modernize the product. Even when Apple introduced an all-new model in 2015, it made it much more expensive, yet […]

    Newsletter Issue #965: SSSSHHHH: Alexa is Listening

    May 28th, 2018

    Let me start with the Siri follies. With growing concern that Apple’s Siri digital assistant isn’t capable of matching the competition from Amazon and Google, there are rumors that the next WWDC will feature news of a major refresh. Last year, Apple touted that Siri would receive a new voice and machine learning, but it’s […]

    Soon There May Be Three

    May 13th, 2018

    Does anyone recall ever benefiting because one company merged with another? It’s not necessarily similar to Apple’s purchase of Beats and selling expensive headphones, because that deal was more about acquiring technology, which is something that’s been done for years. So consider the act that saved Apple, acquiring NeXT in 1996, which brought a state-of-the-art […]

    Newsletter Issue #957: Some Random Views About Apple Maps

    April 2nd, 2018

    It’s hard to believe that Apple’s response to Google Maps, Apple Maps, has been around since 2012. It was originally demonstrated at the WWDC that June, with release at the end of September. In addition to the usual turn-by-turn navigation, Apple touted 3D artwork and flyovers. Missing were transit directions, so Apple directed you to […]