Key logger or spy app for ipad

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Technology Novice
Hello i am wondering if there is an App i can secretly put on my son Ipad that will let me see what he is doing on his ipad. I have caught him with drugs and i dont play with that stuff. I want to let him hold on to his ipad so i can see what he is up to and bust his ass. I hate being lied to and i just have a hutch that he is still doing Bad. After searching for "download keylogger for mac" online, i have got some like download keylogger for mac and download mac keylogger, seems great. But i am not sure if they can be used on ipad..........So please let me know where to find a keylogger for ipad, thanks.
You can check the App Store and see if such a product exists. But spying on your son may not be the solution you need to handle his behavior, and that's way beyond anything we can assist you with here. Good luck with finding a workable answer.
In this day and age of polarization, there are more and more complaints about any controls placed on an Apple device, citing the alleged freedom (to be struck with malware) on Android gear.

But I'll go for decent Parental Controls anytime.