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Technology Novice
Gene has always written good words about Matias keyboards. I never used Matias keyboards until I recently purchased a numeric keyboard from Other World Computing.

A few months ago I bought this number pad to use with my MBA: http://eshop.macsales.com/search/numbers+keypad. Thanks to Black Friday (or was it Cyber Monday?) I paid about $20 less.

I've been using it regularly. In design and in build quality, it matches the MBA keyboard. It's actually designed to fit next to the Apple bluetooth keyboard, but it's a good companion for any Apple laptop.

It is a bluetooth device -- no dongle needed. I've found other bluetooth keyboards to be barely usable because of their lengthy wakeup times, but this number pad seems to know exactly when to sleep and when to awake. It has yet to miss a keystroke. It pairs easily and stays paired. It just feels good to use -- key travel, key spacing are just what my fingers need. I can go from the MBA keyboard to the number keypad and back without errors and without losing my tempo.

Probably the best thing is that when you turn the pad over, you'll see it's sold by NewerTech (which I've found to be good) and designed by Matias (even better).

I think Gene would be very happy with this keypad.
Thanks. They sent me a Laptop Pro as a replacement to the defective keyboard. It's Bluetooth. A tad finicky to pair, but seems to otherwise work perfectly. I only had to become accustomed to the loss of the numeric keypad and its attendant compromises.

It's also quiet. Is yours?
These days, I'm using the Mac MX keyboard from Logitech. It doesn't have a mechanical switch assembly, but it has a great and smooth feel, much better than the Magic Keyboard from Apple.