Our Cast — Meet the Show Hosts

Gene Steinberg - Host Of The Tech Night Owl LIVEGene Steinberg (Host/Executive Producer) Gene Steinberg is an award-winning journalist who discovered the magic of writing while still a teenager. He edited his own science fiction and New Age fanzine, and began writing a science fiction novel about an Earth man who finds himself in an unknown land faced with life-threatening situations.

In 1984 Gene began to work with the original Apple Macintosh personal computer and never looked back. Over the next few years, Gene finally decided to follow his dream and become a full-time writer, but he also devoted extra time to work as a computer software/systems consultant partly to provide material for his books and magazine articles.

Gene has written over 30 books on computers and the Internet, plus hundreds of articles for such industry publications as MacAddict, MacHome, MacUser, Macworld and Computer Shopper. He has also written features for Gannett News Service, usatoday.com, and CNET. His computer news and support Web site, The Tech Night Owl, receives tens of thousands of regular visitors each day.

His investigative feature for CNET, “Death of a PC Vendor II,” won a “Maggie” award as the Best Online Article by the Western Publications Association.

Grayson Steinberg - Producer And Co-Host Of The Tech Night Owl LIVEGrayson Steinberg (Co-Host Emeritus) Grayson Steinberg first began to write while still in grade school, beginning with short plays performed by his classmates. He also wrote a number of short science fiction and fantasy stories, both for his schoolwork and on his own time. His writing abilities grew over the years until he decided to put them to good use and join forces with his dad, Gene Steinberg, to create “Attack of the Rockoids.

In addition, he has been a valiant user of Apple Macintosh computers since 1992. Although he has faced constant ridicule from his peers about the fact he uses a Mac while the rest of them use IBM clones, he still clings to the platform environment in which he grew up. He has also written two guest articles for his dad’s “Mac Reality Check” column. One of those articles, “Why Every Kid Needs a Mac,” was quoted worldwide, and was featured as a “Hot News” story by Apple Computer. For several months, he wrote an investor’s oriented column for Green magazine, a personal finance resource that succumbed to the dot.com crash in 2001. He has also written several chapters for some of his dad’s technology books.

After graduating with honors from Arizona State University in 2008, Grayson has become a world traveler, and he is currently residing in Madrid, where he is employed as an English teacher.

RJ Kight (Staff Announcer)