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  • Newsletter Issue #1029: The Apple and 2022 Report

    January 10th, 2022

    When I first started using Macs in the 1980s, I did not for a moment consider what I’d be using as my gadgets of choice in 2022. Or even that I’d still be alive.

    In any case, I adopted the platform early on because of its relative ease of use and stability. Compared to today’s Mac, there is no comparison. The 21st century Mac is just incredibly faster, but regular system crashes rarely occur, and when something goes awry, it’s mostly due to an issue with a specific app that can be cured by getting the new version.

    Apple’s third processor transition is moving forward, and there have been few complaints. Well, some of the critics tried to imply that the amazing benchmarks that have been published were either fake or taken out of context. There was always a way to fudge the numbers to one’s advantage.

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