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    Newsletter Issue #1049 — The Apple Gadget Saturation Report

    February 4th, 2024

    How things have changed. Consider the state of Apple Inc. 30 years ago, when it was known as Apple Computer. In many descriptions of the company from the mainstream media, the word “beleaguered” inevitably appeared. It was hard to avoid it, and you had to be optimistic that the company would succeed in a world […]

    Newsletter Issue #1025: So Apple Isn’t Warm and Fuzzy

    November 8th, 2021

    For many, Apple is the counter-culture company, or one of the remaining firms to fit into that category. No doubt that feeling revolves around the two founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Indeed the first project they delivered, before there was such a thing as an Apple Computer, was a blue box. That was a […]

    Newsletter Issue #999: A Few Odds and Ends for Apple’s Critics

    July 6th, 2020

    Some of you have wondered whether the fact that I’m not writing as many columns means that I’m slowing down, or planning to retire. But it’s not about wanting to work less. It’s more about the fact that Apple is not the company it was when I started the original version of this site in […]

    The Mac is Really Back at Apple

    June 8th, 2017

    Let’s not forget that Apple Inc. used to be known as Apple Computer Inc. But in 2007, with the launch of the iPhone, the word “Computer” vanished. What changed? It’s not that Apple suddenly stopped making Macs, or didn’t built other products over the years. Don’t forget that the original PostScript printer, the Apple LaserWriter, […]