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    Newsletter Issue #1040 — A Tale Somewhat About the Missing Apple Silicon Mac Pro

    December 27th, 2022

    In the old days, I had to own the fastest Mac, at least after I got my first writing gig about Macs and Mac software. It wasn’t that I was so flush with cash, but it was a business expense, hence deductible on my tax returns. So it was with great pleasure that I upgraded […]

    QuarkXPress Still Going Strong

    June 24th, 2015

    As some of you know, I came to the Mac via prepress. By night, I labored as a freelance writer, and by day, and sometimes into the evening, I worked as a typographer in New York City. While the jobs changed, for some curious reason, I always found employment within a few blocks of an […]

    Should Apple Respond to Microsoft’s Big Bet?

    May 27th, 2015

    A recent article from one of my long-time colleagues, Peter Cohen of iMore, started me thinking about the various approaches taken by Microsoft and Apple towards operating system releases. Up till now, a new OS was an event. There would be full-blown media events, often accompanied by advertising, and tech writers would often be granted early […]

    Quicken Disses the Mac One More Time

    August 21st, 2014

    It is well known that the Mac version of Quicken has long trailed behind the Windows version. Why this should be so is anyone’s guess. The price of Quicken 2015 for Mac is $74.99, same as Quicken Deluxe for Windows, a mid-priced version. On the basis of price alone, customers have a right to expect […]