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  • Newsletter Issue #1040 — A Tale Somewhat About the Missing Apple Silicon Mac Pro

    December 27th, 2022

    In the old days, I had to own the fastest Mac, at least after I got my first writing gig about Macs and Mac software. It wasn’t that I was so flush with cash, but it was a business expense, hence deductible on my tax returns. So it was with great pleasure that I upgraded every year or two.

    Even before then, I had to have a Mac at home.

    It all began in 1989. I was working for a prepress outfit that provided typesetting and design services. They had been using Macs ever since one of the major desktop publishing apps, QuarkXPress, debuted. Without getting into the QuarkXPress/PageMaker/InDesign wars, where the latter eventually won, Quark was chosen because it was designed with the traditional typographer in mind because of its precision. With PageMaker, it was more intended for designers who placed elements in position on a design table.

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