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February 3, 2018 — Jarrod Suffecool and Joe Kissell

This week’s guests include Jarrod Suffecool, Intelligence Team Lead for Binary Defense, who takes us on a fascinating journey through the Dark Web (darknet). You’ll learn about the unsavory activities that include “crime-as-a-service” — professional hacking kits and criminal services (created or offered by skilled hackers) that anyone can buy or rent online, and they’re often very inexpensive. This makes it easier for less skilled criminals to pull off sophisticated attacks and scams, and we’ll see a lot of this by tax fraud rings over the next two months. You’ll also learn about Tor, the browser used to access Dark Web. Binary Defense Systems specializes in monitoring and infiltrating criminal marketplaces on the Dark Web to protect businesses and uncover evidence of crimes.

You’ll also hear from author/publisher Joe Kissell, of Take Control Books. Joe talks about some of the problems he’s encountered with macOS High Sierra, and about the decline in the quality of Apple’s operating systems. What about reports that Apple is cutting back on planned features for iOS 12 to emphasize reliability? Also discussed: The apparent failure of Apple’s “underpromise and overdeliver” policy by postponing features in new products that aren’t ready for prime time, including the delays in expanding support for the APFS file system to Fusion drives and Time Machine. What about the complexities and reliability problems of iCloud, which is a cornerstone of Apple’s services? Joe mentions that he’s had to backup and restore his new Mac after owning it for less than a month, and Gene talks about the very worst Mac he ever owned, one that required constant repairs from Apple in the short time he owned it.

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