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February 6, 2016 — Stephen Baker and Kirk McElhearn

We present noted industry analyst Stephen Baker, Vice President for Industry Analysis at the NPD Group. He provides an extensive discussion about the arrival of 4K TVs, their success so far in the marketplace, Will enhanced color features, such as the Ultra HD Premium standard, continue to push sales? What about the lack of 4K content? Stephen also discusses flattening sales of iPhones and other smartphones, and whether one key reason is the longer upgrade cycle?

We also present commentator and talk show host Kirk McElhearn, also known as Macworld’s “iTunes Guy.” He offers a change-of-pace discussion about the technology of dealing with autoimmune diseases. The discussion moves to why iPad sales are falling, and have fallen for several years. Is it much, again, about the fact that people who buy them see no reason to upgrade? Kirk goes to explain that the older iPad actually works fine other than some possible performance issues with games and other software. He also cites an article, from tech columnist Jason Snell, about the rise of Chromebooks against iPads in budget-conscious school systems. And what about competition from cheap competitors, such as a $50 tablet from Amazon? What about Apple buying BMW? Are we serious?

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