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June 2, 2012 — Kirk McElhearn, Jim Dalrymple, and Kirk Hiner

Author and commentator Kirk McElhearn, aka “The iTunes Guy,” talks about the potential minefields for Apple’s sandboxing security scheme for OS X apps. What obstacles will it present to Mac developers? He’ll also talk about the failed iTunes Ping social networking service.

Columnist Jim Dalrymple, Editor in Chief of The Loop, will be asked about what we can expect from Apple at the WWDC in light of his recent remark that the Mac Pro won’t be discontinued. He’ll also talk about the tragic state of Research In Motion and the BlackBerry.

A new visitor, Kirk Hiner, Editor in Chief of AppleTell, will describe how he got involved in covering the Apple universe. He’ll also offer his feelings about the recent Tim Cook Interview at the All Things Digital D10 conference, his expectations for upcoming Mac hardware, and the next revision of the iOS.

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