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  • Newsletter Issue #1008: Apple and Processor Paranoia

    November 1st, 2020

    First, I’m not going to join the crowd and report about Apple’s financials. They’ve been reported in more places than anyone can count, and if you want to know more, check Apple’s investors page for the raw figures.

    Now as you’ve probably heard, Apple is reportedly readying the first generation of Macs with Apple Silicon, based on the same chips used for the iPhone and the iPad. But while the company has done processor switches twice before, that hasn’t stopped some less-informed, or less honest, members of the member from fear-mongering.

    So as the date for the release of the first ARM-based Mac arrives, you’ll hear more and more ill-informed speculation about how Apple is destroying its brand and betraying hundreds of thousands of loyal Mac developers. But in our real world — and not the bizarre world of alternative facts — Apple has plenty of experience with processor switches.

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